About us

At the start of 2015, Drenth Fijnmetaal took over the operations of Oppedijk Metaalbewerking V.O.F.

Drenth Fijnmetaal is the right place for you if you need skilled specialists to precision-shape metal components. From individual, small pieces to medium/large runs, we put our experience to good use.

We are a supplier of parts for boat building, mechanical engineering and die/mould making. Our specialist team and our modern machinery allow us to work on just about any type of metal to create the desired product. Manual machining to achieve the best possible result is the rule, not the exception as far as we are concerned. No product leaves our facility without the proper final inspection.

Drenth Fijnmetaal is the supplier for you if you want a cast-iron guarantee of high-quality products that meet your demands.

Drenth Fijnmetaal

Drenth Fijnmetaal B.V.
Bedrijvenweg 1A • 1619 BK Andijk
T 0228 59 16 77 E info(at)drenth-fm(dot)nl