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We aim to offer our customers more than just a good product. You can be sure that we will process your order (including any finishing) correctly. We will deliver your order to your precise specifications, which may mean that items are anodised, bead blasted, toughened or, for example, given a mirror finish. Drenth Fijnmetaal has an extensive network of specialists with whom we work. We have access to all the tools required to fulfil our customers' requirements.

At Drenth Fijnmetaal you are guaranteed a complete range of services, with the emphasis on quality and dedication to the job.

Drenth Fijnmetaal

Drenth Fijnmetaal B.V.
Bedrijvenweg 1A • 1619 BK Andijk
T 0228 59 16 77 E info(at)drenth-fm(dot)nl